Boise Real Estate Agent

Being a top real estate agent in Boise requires more than just working for a broker, posting a sign in a yard, placing a listing on the MLS and praying your client’s home sells quickly.

Being a REALTOR is all aimed at one target: The feeling that you get when you get your keys to your home!

Born and raised in Boise, Idaho, I know Boise and I know the Boise Real Estate Market.

I entered the Boise real estate scene as an appraiser at age 24 (a little younger than the average appraiser), and bring a background in online marketing and sales to add to my resume as a real estate agent here in the Treasure Valley.

Working with home sellers, even in a seller’s-market, requires quite a bit of skill and knowledge to position the client’s home as an elite home.

Effective work with a buyer in today’s seller's market, requires the right work-ethic and skill to navigate the real estate market that we are in today.

Some classic concerns for people working with real estate agents:

  • Communication to the client
  • Experience in real estate
  • Clients want advice on sales strategy and negotiating
  • Clients want advice on what to look out for when buying a home that is not brand-new
  • Clients want to know that the agent has a skill-set in Marketing or Advertising
  • Clients want to be educated in the home buying/selling process

Let’s take a quick second to address some of these issues, shall we?

I am awake most days from 7AM to Midnight- that means I am available for phone calls or texts in those hours... Somedays I turn the TV off just waiting for your call :).

Very few real estate agents here in Boise, ID can say they have 3 years of real estate appraising under their belt- This experience gives me an advantage when it comes to how to price a home and what a fair offer is on a house in today's market.

With 5 years of Business sales experience under my belt, I can help clients with advice, tactics, and knowing when to put the pressure on and when to take the pressure off.

People want a Real Estate Agent who can assert their opinion while not acting as their legal counsel. But keep in mind, if you need the legal counsel, I can point you in the right direction.

Marketing has done a complete 180 in the last 10 years and some REALTORS think that they can escape the marketing of the home by having a hot enough market.

To get the most money for your home, you need to do more than post the property on the MLS ... Way more in fact.

I have found that each client is unique and different, and as such, each client wants to be involved and educated differently along the way.

It is my experience that your confidence in a REALTOR comes from, among other traits, past performance, knowledge, skills, trust and kindness.

What makes me different? Glad you asked!

When listing a home, even in the seller’s market that we are in right now, I will provide professional interior and exterior photos, aerial pictures, 360-degree tour, staging advice, a home warranty and open houses.

Once the property is listed, technology is our best friend.

The MLS does a lot of this for us, but Facebook Ads and social media advertising is the new thrifty nickel! Some of you younger ones are asking yourself, "What's a Thrifty Nickel?"...

When working with a potential buyer, I strive to understand the unique needs of each client.

These include location, commute, school districts, size requirements, importance of finishes, turn-key ready or a fixer-upper, style of home, stairs or no stairs, location of bedrooms, location of the laundry room, age of the home, features of the home and much, much more before we even set foot in a house.

Understanding these needs up front helps us to find the client's dream home.

In the current market, the buyer needs to be educated and prepared so that when a well-priced home comes to market, they are ready to put their best foot forward.

This of course depends on the price of the home, but from what I see, if we have a house that is listed around $300,000 or less, then we show up at the home, we will have to have done our homework so we can know if we want to make an offer on this property or not.

Things we do to be prepared include getting a credit check done before looking at homes, getting pre-approved for a loan, adding that pre-approval letter to the offer, asking for certain seller credits while still helping with other costs, and helping the customer understand how to put in the right offer (maybe an escalation clause is needed).

Doing these items can add up to put the buyer in the coveted driver’s seat.

Knowing when and what questions to ask is key.

Asking the right questions in the process can be what hooks the sellers a little.

Helping the buyer understand wants vs. needs within their true budget from the start, helps us to close on the right home more quickly.

When the buyer feels confident in the process, they are more likely to end up, in the home of their dreams because we have looked at the properties that are most relevant from the start.

In short, if I could say what I think makes me different is that I understand Boise and the Boise Market.

I have a background in real estate (both in buying/selling and appraising) that with rare exception, isn't matched.

I have over 5 years of sales and negotiation experience that I use to better your position while you are trying to buy or sell your home.

Another distinct advantage I bring is my background in Internet Marketing.

Experience in marketing your home via technology to a broader base than just the Boise area will help sell your home more quickly.

We do this by using google and Facebook as a medium to target out-of-towners or out-of-staters that are looking for homes without an agent.

About Me

I don’t know of too many second graders who set their sights on being a real estate appraiser, and stick with that goal and make it a reality. I thought that walking through mansions everyday sounded fun. Turns out I did get to walk through a few mansions, but I didn’t interact much with people. In my 5 years as a business to business sales rep for a company here in Eagle, I learned the art of negotiations, being honest and fair with my customers, and I learned to be their advocate and stand in their corner.

In the last 2 years, I have been all-in on learning online marketing. This is my biggest asset because of today's changing technological world. Understanding Facebook and Google ads, leveraging social media to drive sales that can be tracked, and not just social interactions, and learning the nuts and bolts of SEO, makes me a a unique and qualified REALTOR.

I have a wonderful wife, 2 daughters and 1 son. We live in Eagle and enjoy gardening, dreaming of living in a parade of home someday, and possibly doing that in Kauai. We enjoy sitting by pool, taking small trips to McCall, or bigger trips to Hawaii, and living our chaotic and fun lives. When I am not doing real estate or playing at the park with the kids, I nerd out and try to create websites that can help drive traffic to small businesses here in Idaho and a few outside of this area.